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Saturday 08 November 2014 / DER KLANG DER FAMILIE / Start 20:00

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Running Order Kantine am Berghain

  • Felix Denk, Sven von Thülen

Kantine am Berghain Reading / Screening
Felix Denk, Sven von Thülen der klang der familie – berlin, techno and the fall of the wall

Berlin, late 80s. A new, raw, stark machine music appeared – and then the Wall came down. In East Berlin, the administration collapsed; the former GDR capital became a “temporary autonomous zone”. Suddenly there were all these spaces to discover: a panzer chamber in the dusty no man’s land of the former death strip, a decommissioned soap factory on the Spree, a transformer station opposite the erstwhile Reich Ministry of Aviation. And suddenly, people were dancing at all these sites to a music virtually reinvented from week to week.

The oral history Der Klang der Familie tells the fascinating story of the first days of Techno in Berlin - the music that brought the kids from the east and west together. For the first time the book is available in English (Translation: Jenna Krumminga). After the reading the documentary In This Place Called Techno will be shown (with English subtitles).

Einlass: 20 Uhr | Beginn: 21 Uhr | Abendkasse
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Foto: © Willem Thomson